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Thursday, February 4, 2016

OMG (Poem)

To say goodbye to it all
is so hard
to it all, all
the things you thought were forever
or at least
so much longer than they turn out to be
so long until
it’s not,
not long at all,
it’s just hard to let it all go
piece by piece:
the dear hearts who died ahead
no solace, really, as
you cry again
over a photo of a friend
gone long before you,
as hard it was then
as now with new ones lost,
saying goodbye to mother
to fathersisterbrother
and all your stuff,
OMG all that stuff,
to the ideas of yourself
you pinned to the walls
inside your skull
like flow charts
-- snapshots
of what you would do --

all those things you would do

saying goodbye to all you will ever be
and all you will never be
it’s hard
it’s just plain hard
so get started okay?

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