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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Watching Tsunami Videos (poem)

Watching Tsunami Videos on New Year’s Eve

turning to the tube
the last day of the year
filling time
with new uploads
from stricken Japan
March 2011
eons ago it seems now
like silent movies of another age
no idea
those people had
standing on their balconies
sirens hooting
the voice of the city
exhorting them to higher ground
tsunami warning
not enough to quash
their curiosity behind
the certainty of the seawall
no idea
of what was about to come
in the space of a quarter hour
the surge already prepared for them
ocean weight too great to conceive
sliding into their slender bay
no idea
the crush of water would
sweep away all that familiar morning
of tea and light snow falling
a dull, grey day,
with nothing, perhaps, to do
like today
the last day of the year
whiling away an hour
quenching my fear
of what the new year
and the next decade will bring
and blissful, still, with apocalypse
near, perhaps, and
no idea

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